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What Our Fitness Programs Include

Sessions/ Classes:

12 sessions: x3 @ week

Highly recommended for quick results.

8 sessions: x2 @ week

Please call for prices: 949-973-0051 

My individualized program includes a customized nutrition and exercise plan to guarantee weight loss to fit your busy lifestyle needs!!!


Wedding and special occasion weight loss needs? 

No problem will work hard to get you into that dress for that special occasion! 


Classes offered daily to fit your schedule when you book your sessions@ JFC: 

  • Weight training instruction-one on one includes customized diet

  • Stretching to elongate your muscles and increase flexibility

  • Yoga

  • Aqua -aerobics

  • Kickboxing

  • Cross-fit

  • Boot camp/group training classes ( 2 or more people)

  • Fun outdoor fitness workouts to break up the monotony of boring workouts offered daily!

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