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When you want real results, bypass the rest and get trained by the best at


Fitness Center

How do you get a tight, fit body with chiseled abs?

By training hard, being dedicated and having an expert trainer such as Janina-a lifetime,  all around, competitive athlete. She will hold you accountable to ensure your fitness goals are met or exceeded. You will be taught how to eat healthy at restaurants, grocery shopping and how to meal prep as well as how to change your lifestyle to ensure you meet all your fitness goals. 

I weigh and measure each client once a month, then set a 3 and 6-month goal as well as a 1-year goal.

Train with Janina Moe

I'm a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist. I set each client up with an extremely personalized nutrition and exercise program to fit their busy lifestyle and schedules. No crowds, no waiting in line for equipment, an all-women facility with complete dedication to you as a client! 

Janina Moe 1.JPG

This place is amazing! I went to lose weight for my wedding and Janina was very professional. She worked with my busy schedule and kept me in the loop with her schedule.

She gave me a diet plan that worked great for me. She even took into consideration my feminine hormone cycle and I never felt hungry or deprived.

I will always be very appreciative for the great job Janina did!

-- Monique V.

I have been working out with Janina for about 3 or 4 months and have lost not only pounds, but inches. She has also worked with my diet, including recipes and supplements. She is flexible with her schedule to accommodate mine, which is a must for me!  I have thoroughly enjoyed working out with her, which I have never experienced.


I am a 63 year old grandma and have broken my back twice. Janina has adjusted my workout to allow me to gain strength and muscle, as well as lose fat, without injury! She is a complete professional and would recommend her to anyone.

-- Cindy L.

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